Psychological Testing

Many factors are taken into consideration when determining what type of psychological testing is required. The specific questions to be answered will determine the type of evaluation, the time required for the evaluation, and the cost. In some cases, testing requires multiple visits to our office. Testing usually begins with a diagnostic interview, when our clinician will attempt to get a detailed personal history, with an emphasis on whatever prompted testing. Depending on the presenting problem(s), you will likely be asked to fill out several questionnaires, complete various scientific measures of aspects of psychological functioning, and when necessary, prior records (report cards, IEP records, previous psychological evaluation, and medical records) may be reviewed.

Once the results are interpreted, you will return to the office to discuss the findings and a written report will be provided with a diagnosis and recommendations, if applicable.

Clinician’s providing assessment for adults:

Daniel L. Rose, Psy.D.

Dave P. Walker, Ph.D.

Andrew Koliani, Psy.D.

Dolores D. Tarver, Ph.D.

Christina Radmer, Psy.D.

Clinician’s providing assessment for children/adolescents:

Christie Anderson, Ph.D.

Dave P. Walker, Ph.D. (Adolescents only)

Daniel L. Rose, Psy.D. (Adolescents only)

Andrew Koliani, Psy.D. (Adolescents only)

For those wishing to use insurance, our business office can help you check with your insurance provider to see how much of testing will be covered and if a physician referral is required prior to testing.

Psychological Testing

To schedule your first psychological testing appointment, please follow the instructions here and you may call our office at (706) 653-6841 if you have additional questions.